Inhibitive Effects of SIRT3-augmenting Polyphenols on Cellular Oxidative Stress

(College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering,China Agricultural University,Beijing 100083)

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    In this study,the trans-well co-culture system of Caco-2 monolayer cells and HaCaT cells was established,and the effects of resveratrol,kaempferol,punicalagin,fisetin and oenothein B on SIRT3 expression were evaluated by the SIRT3-EGFP reporter gene system in HaCaT cells,as well as the protective effect of the selected SIRT3-augmenting polyphenols on UVB-induced oxidative stress in HaCaT cells were further investigated.The result showed that resveratrol,kaempferol and oenothein B significantly enhanced the expression of exogenous and endogenous SIRT3 gene;among them,oenothein B significantly reduced the level of ROS in HaCaT cells;however,knockdown SIRT3 expression significantly reduced the inhibitory effect of oenothein B on UVB-induced oxidative stress.In conclusion,the inhibition effect of oenothein B on UVB-induced ROS generation depends on SIRT3 in the co-culture system of Caco-2 cells and HaCaT cells.

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