Effect of Ore Soaking Water on the Flavor of Green Tea Infusion

(1.Tea Research Institute Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou 310008;2.Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industrial Group Corporation, Shenzhen 518018, Guangdong)

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    The content of ions in tea water are the key factors affecting the flavor quality of green tea infusion. In order to develop special water for infusing tea and corresponding equipment, different kinds of ores (quartzite, medical stone, strontium-rich filter material, weak alkali filter material and high TDS filter material) were used as the research objects to explore the effect of ore soaking water on the flavor quality of green tea infusion. The ore soaking water research results showed that there were significantly different in the effects of ore-water ratio, soaking time and soaking temperature on the leaching law. The content of ions in the soaking water of High TDS (total dissolved solids) filter material was the highest, and the dissolution stability of quartzite was the best. The optimal treatment of ore soaking water was that the ore to water 1∶50(m/V) at room temperature and soaking 5 min. The ore soaking water quality study showed that the conductivity of ores increased after soaking in water and boiling but changed less than 10 μs/cm, while there was a significant difference between the pH values (P<0.05). It was found that the conductivity thermal stability of ores soaking water was better than pH thermal stability. With the increase of conductivity of ores soaking water, the astringency of green tea infusion was clearly enhanced and there was a significant correlation between Ca2+ content and astringency intensity of tea infusion (P<0.01), among the detected cations (K+, Na+, Mg2+, Al3+, Ca2+). The active addition test showed that Ca2+ could significantly enhance the astringency of green tea infusion and catechin solution. In summary, Ca2+ is the most key ion that affects the astringency of green tea infusion in ore soaking water. It would effectively regulate the overall flavor quality of green tea infusion by adjusting the content of Ca2+ in brewing water.

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