Analysis of Taste Characteristics of Traditional Huangjiu Brewed under Different Ambient Temperature Conditions

(School of Perfume and Aroma Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai 201418)

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    Traditional Huangjiu is the treasure of Chinese brewing technology, but its semi-open brewing environment is easily affected by ambient temperature conditions, which leads to the instability of product flavor quality. In this study, traditional Huangjiu brewed under different ambient temperature conditions (pre-wine (S1), neutral wine (S2 and S3), post-wine (S4)) was selected as the research object, and the difference of static taste intensity of four batches of traditional Huangjiu was analyzed by quantitative description sensory evaluation. Time-intensity sensory evaluation and dynamic dominant attribute test were used to analyze the dynamic change of taste characteristics and the difference between different batches. The difference of taste profiles was analyzed by electronic tongue technique, and the taste prediction models were established by combining partial least square method. The results showed that the taste of S2 and S3 is harmonious and full, the umami is prominent, and the bitter and delayed bitterness intensity is weak. The dominant taste properties of the four batches of traditional Huangjiu were sour taste, bitter taste and umami taste in order of time. The bitterness dominant attribute of S3 ended the earliest (85 s), the bitterness disappeared the longest (110 s) in S4, and the umami dominant attribute of S3 was the earliest, followed by S2, S1 and S4. The electronic tongue has a good correlation with sour, bitterness and delayed bitterness sensory attributes, respectively. The prediction model for delayed bitterness was robust with a correlation coefficient of 0.976. Static and dynamic sensory evaluation combined with electronic tongue can comprehensively evaluate the taste characteristics of traditional Huangjiu. The ambient temperature conditions have an important influence on the bitterness and delayed bitterness of traditional Huangjiu.

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